By Marc Campos

Latino Power

When Commentary goes to The Yard, it is not all balls and strikes. It is also about learning things from 35,000 plus folks that are there. A case in point, how come Numero 45 has passionate fans and others don’t. Lance Berkman doesn’t. Roy O. doesn’t. Hunter Pence has a few “Peeps.” Craig Biggio has a ton of fans that respect him, but they don’t have the passion of the Carlos Lee fans.

Los Caballitos, about 40 to 50 strong, are at every game. They hang out in the same spot in left center field. They wear the same gear. They have sombreros and stick horses. Every time Numero 45 comes to bat, Los Caballitos get all worked up and animated. After the game, if we win and Numero 45 was a factor, they run around the concourse high fiving fans.

They came up with their own slogan – “Si Se Puede” - that is now being used by the ‘Stros TV and radio announcers. I have total strangers and their children coming up and having conversations with Senor Ed. Numero 45 and Los Caballitos have added a little extra fun, excitement, entertainment, and buzz at The Yard. The fans have learned a few more words of Spanish in the process. In the 40 plus years of major league baseball in H-Town, I have never seen anything like it. Latino Power is alive and well and growing at Minute Maid Park.

Speaking of Latino Power, welcome to the bigs James Rodriguez. In today’s Chron letters to the editor, some idiot from Kingwood took a cheap “racial” potshot at James today because of a quote by James in last Sunday’s Chron story on Latino Power in H-Town. Get used to it James.

Speaking of Latino Power, My PR Agent in her column today writes about the Harris County Judge’s race in 2008 – next year. I’ll say it again, it can happen if we have a Latino vote strategy in place – we don’t as of yet.

Speaking of Latino Power, Numero 45 had two dingers last night and five RBIs. He leads the league in RBIs. Gym bags, Berkman bobbleheads, and Baggy T-shirts are the weekend giveaways – see you at The Yard con Los Caballitos.

August 24, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary