By Marc Campos

No Handouts, Chase Policy, One March, Tom's Act, A Pulse

Commentary never gives money to the folks that have staked out H-Towns busiest intersections. Well, I take that back. One time a few years ago a guy had a sign that read - "need fuel for my Lear jet" - he got me to laughing so I gave him a couple of bucks for creativity. Other than that incident, I never give. Hey, this is America. I get to make that choice. I think it is kind of silly for the City of Houston to lecture us about whether or not we should give to those street corner folks. I also kind of think its silly for it to be the lead front page headline in yesterday's Chron. I think government needs to stay out of the business of whether we should reach able to into our pockets while we're sitting at a red light. Just a thought.

The Houston Police Chief announced a couple of days ago a major change in how and when police officers can chase fleeing vehicles. That's probably a good thing. The local TV stations probably like the change because there will be fewer times to cut away from local programs to cover a chase. When they cut away, they lose ad revenue and have to spend more money on whirlybird fuel. The reason the TVs cover the chase - and they all do - is that they don't want be the only station that doesn't miss out on the spectacular crash or shootout that usually doesn't occur. Way to go Chief!

It looks like we're down to one march on Labor Day. The local NAACP cancelled their march.

Hollywood reads Commentary. Remember when Commentary said he was through with Tom Cruise's flicks because he's been acting like a jerk. Well, Paramount Pictures has decided to sever its ties with Cruise cause he's been acting like a jerk. The "Today Show" commissioned a poll on Cruise and found that Americans are going to be less likely to check out his future flicks.

Whew! That sure would have been awful to get swept in Cincy yesterday. We still have a pulse. Now we go to visit the last place Pittsburgh Pirates for four games starting this evening. Hope means getting out of Pittsburg with at least three wins. Somebody, pleeeease help me find some karma for the team! We're running out of time.

August 24, 2006, 9:00AM

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