By Marc Campos

Bittersweet, The 2% Dissolution, Let Them Eat Rail, Things

In today’s Chron This Week Section, there is an article about Jaime Davila, a Commentary buddy that left us way to early – 20 years ago. It is a good article. There is a school in the East End that is named for Jaime. Tomorrow, Jamie’s father will be laid to rest. Daniel Davila, 79, passed away a few days ago. I didn’t know Mr. Davila that well, but I do know his children and some of his grand children – they are friends of mine. My heart goes out to them because I know Mr.

Davila did a great job in raising his family. Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday and an agenda item came up. It was a contract that had a meager 2% MWBE participation – huh! How does that get on the agenda in the first place? It is an insult to the highly touted diversity of the city – period! Some folks are dropping the ball big time at City Hall. Kind of like they did on Discovery Green – I think.

Speaking of, the Mobility Coalition for Quality of Life has a full page ad in the Chron’s This Week Section cracking on H-Town’s Mayor and METRO for breaking promises – allegedly. They accuse The Mayor of dividing and conquering – ouch. Stay tuned!

It looks like Russian President Vladimir Putin can beat up Commentary and Senor Ed put together. Vlady took his shirt off in front of the Russian paparazzi while out fishing on a vacation and dude looks like he works out big time. The 54 year old is definitely poster hunk material – move over Houston firefighters. I wonder if world leaders have to submit to ‘roid testing as a condition of their United Nations membership. Hey, he can probably go into movies after his term ends. He can probably play one of those debonair – what else – Russian spies.

From the You Gotta Be Kidding Department - W tried to play the ‘Nam card in talking about his War yesterday. Sorry pal, ever hear of “no pass, no play?” Dude ran as fast as he could from having to do anything with ‘Nam back in the 60s, now he wants to inject it into his War debate. 516 days and counting, oh my!

Commentary nearly got physical yesterday with a horse thief at The Yard. Commentary had to go to the-you-know-where and some a__hole walked off with Senor Ed. I had some choice words after I snatched Senor Ed back. He’s lucky he didn’t get the Old NS.

Speaking of, Gilbert and Mary Ruth (Cookie) made it on the KissKam last night. Gilbert and Cookie are the parents of James Rodriguez. We won! Dollar hot dogs tonight!

August 23, 2007 9:00AM

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