By Marc Campos

The Chile, Moving Sidewalks, Lost Cause?

The Chron has a piece today about Guv Dude's super size toll roads and how they are becoming a political liability for him. Oh yeah, then how come he still has a double digit lead over his opponents. You see, I don't think people around here (H-Town area) give a rat's a__ about folks in Central Texas losing lush farmland to highways. We're used to it here. Have you checked out I-10 lately? One would think they are constructing a runway for the space shuttle.

We're numb to highway construction around here. There is always something being rebuilt, repaired or added on to. We have kind of accepted the fact that TxDot will always have something to do on our freeways - what else are you going to do with all those orange barrels. So we're not going to show much sympathy to folks in Central Texas. I don't think they show us any. That's why I don't think this issue will move the polls in the race for guv. Heck, in fact, Guv Dude's campaign could make the case to us here locally that his super size toll road in Central Texas will have the effect of eventually easing congestion in the H-Town area.

Sure it's a major land grab of epic proportions, but hey, they voted for Guv Dude and have a history of voting for W and other Rs for the past few elections. So they are getting the chile they deserve. Sorry Pals.

The City of Houston celebrates its 170th birthday this evening at a dinner Downtown. At the annual birthday celebrations, accomplished Houstonians are inducted into the Houston Hall of Fame. One of this year's inductees is ZZ Top. One Of My Best Friends has the honor of introducing ZZ Top tonight - pretty cool.

From the I Didn't Know That Department: The Dad of The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary used to play in a band in the old days. ZZ Top's lead guitarist, Billy Gibbons, used to have a band in the 60s called The Moving Sidewalks. The Dad's band opened venues a few times for the Sidewalks. By the way, The Dad calls the shots at the yard for the folks that have naming rights.

"Lost Cause?" "Lower them into the ground" says today's Chron about the 'Stros. It's tough to make the case for them after they got blown out last night 14 to 0. Well, so much for the Jason Hirsh experiment. I gotta go search the internet to see if I can rustle up some karma that'll produce a good run of wins. We're running out of time.

August 23, 2006, 9:00AM

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