By Marc Campos

Dinging Up Our Own!

Some folks think it is necessary to chastise H-Town’s Mayor for just being a mayor and not getting directly involved in the 2008 elections. Yesterday, one of those Austin website fellas took a swipe at the Mayor. Check it out here. It is good to know again that Austin fellas are looking out for our best interests here locally. Commentary is going to say it again and maybe use some baseball terminology so folks will understand. Come 2010, the H-Town Mayor will probably be our lead-off hitter, clean-up hitter, closer, or the ace of our staff – or maybe all combined. Last I heard, when there is discussion about the 2010 starting statewide line-up, he’s the only player that is consistently mentioned so why is there a need to ding him up. In my book, the H-Town Mayor doesn’t have to prove to anybody that he’s a real good Dem.

When the H-Town Mayor got elected here in 2003, he got a lot of votes from Rs. So maybe he believes that there is something called honor in politics and will just stick to being mayor for now. That’s OK with Commentary.

Commentary thinks the 2010 statewide elections are pretty important with redistricting being on the menu in 2011. At this point, the H-Town Mayor looks like our strongest statewide candidate so let’s keep it that way.

Now don’t get me wrong, if he decides to cut back on garbage pick-up to once a month, makes us feed the parking meters on Sundays at The Yard, or wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey, I’ll say something. I just don’t think it is necessary to call him out on his Dem credentials. I wonder if the Mayor knows how many houses he owns.

Most likely, by the end of today we will know Obama’s VP pick and one state Dem delegation on their way to Denver will really be celebrating this weekend. I wonder how many delegates Delaware has. I wonder if they can all fit in my Hybrid.

The ‘Stros are in New York City for four at Shea. We’re one game above .500, we didn’t play yesterday and now we’re fourteen back – oh no!

August 22, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary