By Marc Campos

Gloves Off, I Think

Yesterday, Commentary asked for updates from the candidates running for U.S. Senator in the Dem Primary in the Lone Star State. Well, some folks responded – sort of. Don’t hold back on any punches. Say what is on your mind. Don’t assume that we are all as informed as you. Don’t worry about the niceties. Remember, this is a prelim to the main event versus the Junior Senator, so both sides have to get in shape and learn to take shots. Jabbing is a good thing, but don’t be afraid to throw a left hook or even a roundhouse punch now and then.

Commentary has always wanted to know what the Harris County Department of Education does. Now I know – zilch. According to today’s Chron, they named a building in the ‘hood after Ronald Reagan – that’s not a good thing.

The Most Wanted Man in H-Town is the fella that got rejected the other night at The Yard by his now ex-girl. The ‘Stros aren’t releasing his name or video to the public, according to Pam-In-Charge. That’s OK. 36,000 plus folks saw it happen. His name will turn up soon. He’ll probably end up getting a free trip to New York City and appear on “The Today Show.”

At The Yard last night a kid with autism sang the national anthem and he did a great job. Of course, most folks at The Yard didn’t sing along. So what else is new? One of Los Caballitos threw out the first pitch – they have arrived! B-G-O had a dinger on the first pitch in the first inning. Commentary got another foul ball. Some fella hit up on Senor Ed. We still lost.

Commentary goofed yesterday. Yaz is 68 today, not yesterday. Happy Birthday Yaz!

August 22, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary