By Marc Campos

Do It, $3 Mil, Two Marches, Ouch, Name This

Now the City of Farmers Branch in Dallas County is thinking about adopting an ordinance banning paperless folks from living or working in their burg. Go on ahead and do it, pleeeeease! I don't know much about your burg other than you have about 28,000 folks living there, but who's gonna mow your lawns, fix your roofs, or work in your restaurants? Maybe then your pitiful burg will wither up.

Looks like the Mayor from Sugar Land blinked. According to today's Chron, the national GOP is gonna drop, errr pi__ off $3 mil in the CD 22 race. I wonder if they even have this race on the board in Vegas? I bet most of the $3 mil will be spent trashing Nicky. I still haven't seen a local GOP consultant step forward and say this race is doable for the Rs. Cause it's not! I'm glad to finally see some GOP activists blame DeLay for the mess they are in.

The local NAACP will be holding a Freedom March on Labor Day - the same day (an hour apart) we will be holding our Immigrant's Rights March - pretty cool. Two marches for the people.

I have a question. Why does the NAACP and LULAC still hold on to their acronyms when they aren't called that anymore? Just asking.

I didn't sleep last night thanks to Chad Qualls. I was afraid to go to sleep and have bad dreams. I hope they made him run extra laps around the yard after the game.

Also in today's Chron, there is an article about the public providing input on naming the mega-park that will open in Downtown Houston in 2008. I wonder if the city's leaders will have to run it by Culberson to get his approval?

August 22, 2006, 9:00AM

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