By Marc Campos

Change Of Pace, Candidate Screenings, Batting Third

The lege has gone home. That's a good thing. That's a not so good thing. Everybody's favorite target is taken off the range. Now the focus can be on that Central/South Texas congressional Dem primary race between Henry, Richard and Ciro. Laura Salinas versus the visitors. A possible Dem guv primary race. The juicy GOP matchup between Foghorn and Perry. We'll probably encounter other interesting primary matchups throughout the state in both parties.

A Commentary client went to a candidate screening the other day and was asked to name the last book read. Guess screening folks use what you read to help determine whether or not to support you. What if you say, "gee, I can't remember the last book I read, I'm a magazine/newspaper person." Do you get penalized for not reading books? What if you respond with "I just finished the Sandy Koufax biography (Commentary's last read)." Do you get penalized for reading a sports figure bio, even though it is in part a story of pain and perseverance? Memo to candidates, before you go to your next screening, be ready for the last book read question.

At the yard yesterday, wondered why Phil Garner started Chris Burke and his .226 batting average in the third hitting spot - Ensberg was given the day off, and Berkman was moved to the cleanup position. Burke had a key three run dinger, two doubles and a walk. Nice move Phil.

August 22, 2005, 9:00AM

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