By Marc Campos

WalMart: The Official Sponsor of the Chinese Olympic Team

Heck, it looks like the Chinese are going to win the most Gold Medals in the Olympics and might even win the most medals period. As we all know, the Chinese government fully funds their Olympic team. It’s OK for U.S. Americans to go on ahead and root for the Chinese Olympians since we're paying their bills. Every time we walk out of a WalMart or Home Depot, we’ve just made a hefty contribution to the Chinese Olympic Team.

Equal Time – here’s what a Commentary reader had to say about my take on Peter Brown: “I don't care how much he has given Dems, if he shows up at a republican fund raiser and gives money, that makes him a two faced scum. Money is the mothers milk of politics and giving to a Rove event makes you a mother, I'll leave off the next word.” – OF.

On a related note, somebody sent me a silly email that had a take from a fella’s website about what Commentary said about Peter Brown. I guess I got under the fella’s skin – sorry. As I recall, I kind of said that Peter – a pretty good Dem - didn’t deserve the old death penalty for showing up at a GOP function that featured W’s Brain. The website fella brought up the fact that earlier this year Commentary called out a local Dem group for endorsing a fella that had voted in the last four GOP primaries – huh! Oh, brother. Talk about comparing apples and olives - somebody’s reaching!

Commentary's Dad is 85 today - yikes! Tony Campos does a real good job of getting folks to the polls. He drops by the office every week to tell Commentary what to say. He's one of the best Dems around. Happy Birthday Dad!

Late in yesterday’s game, the ‘Stros were behind by a run when Mark Loretta hit a two out pop up and jogged to first base. The catcher dropped the ball, Loretta didn’t notice and kept on jogging and was thrown out at first to end the inning. It was a total lack of hustle. The next inning we loaded the bases with no outs and couldn’t score a run. We lost and we’re still thirteen and a half out – oh my!

August 21, 2008 9:00AM

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