By Marc Campos

White Out – White In?

Commentary’s old boss, former Lone Star State Governor Mark White is sticking his toe into the 2009 H-Town mayoral campaign waters. The story is on the front page of today’s Chron. Hey, former governors interested in running for H-Town Mayor are entitled to front page coverage – I guess. All the other candidates get stuck in the City/State section. Stay tuned!

There has been some Dem buzz about folks campaigning for H-Town city races when we haven’t even heard Obama’s convention speech. Last I heard a schedule wasn’t handed out on when campaigns can get started. Hey, Obama and all the rest of the gang started running before we had our city elections in 2007 so fair is fair – I guess.

Commentary has to hand it to the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for following through on their Strategic Plan as it relates to Latino politics. They had a SRO crowd yesterday for a two hour seminar on getting Latinos thinking about running for local offices. Commentary was on a panel with a very impressive bunch including Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, State Rep. Ana Hernandez, former Council Members Gracie Saenz and Gabriel Vasquez, Gio, and Jay Guerrero. Things are going to start happening for sure – stay tuned!

Also on the front page of today’s Chron, Commentary is now part of the elite – cool! Apparently some businesses are saving the best parking spaces for folks that drive Hybrids. Check it out. I need to check with Pam-In-Charge to see if they’re going to have a similar policy at The Yard.

W is fixing to give a speech in NOLA to talk about Post-Katrina and he is going to say – “For people who are still hurting and not yet back in their homes, a brighter day might seem possible. Yet a brighter day is coming.” No s__t – January 20, 2009!

Also on the Chron’s front page is a piece on Henry Cejudo, a U.S. of A. wrestler who won the Gold Medal yesterday. His parents used to be paperless folks. I wonder if the Mini Men are planning to snatch his Gold Medal from him when he comes home.

Commentary’s favorite actors of all time are coming out with another movie together – their third. Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro will come out with “Righteous Kill” next month – cool!

My Sunday partner at The Yard is blowing out candles today. Happy Birthday Dante!

Arthur Fonzarelli threw out the first pitch in Milwaukee last night. “The Fonz” and some of the “Happy Days” cast were on hand as the ‘Stros beat the Brew Crew. They also dedicated a bronze statue of “The Fonz” in downtown Milwaukee yesterday. It is already being called – what else - “The Bronze Fonz” – aaaay! We’re still thirteen and a half out and only thirty six left. Move over CNN as the ‘Stros take the field this afternoon.

August 20, 2008 9:00AM

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