By Marc Campos

No Reagan, Chamber Gala, 3 CMs, Not 2

The Law and Order fella made it to Iowa last weekend and he looks old, like real old. Hey, he is no Ronald Reagan. Reagan was old, but he didn’t look old. I can’t say that about the Law and Order fella. He needs to take his TV makeup crew with him the next time he goes to Iowa.

Speaking of fresh ideas, the Obama family will be coming to H-Town next month. It looks like they won’t be out done. I saw part of the debate yesterday morning. I think Hillary scored the most points.

The Hispanic Chamber gala was the place to be Saturday night. Edgar and Dr. Laura put on a great show again. Commentary went with My Brown Eyed Girl. My Best Friend, Julie, James, The Lovely Wendy, The Chron’s Jesus, Rosi from the ‘Stros, Sweet Marisa, CM Lawrence, and Amegy’s Terry were among those in attendance. Of course, you can’t go to one of those deals without running into a__holes, errr a Latino wannabee that forgot my first name. It’s “Daily” you a__hole!

The Chron had an article yesterday bout H-Town’s Latinos. It covered most of the stuff that Commentary regularly talks about including James Rodriguez. I give them points for including a photo of James in the article. The article also said that there were two Latinos on the H-Town City Council. There are actually three. The Chron ran the correction today.

The Chron also ran a story this past weekend on H-Town’s WiFi woes. After all the ballyhooing, it looks like we may not get wired, errr less. One thing is for sure - at least this Mayor won’t let the company that won the contract rip off the taxpayers.

Speaking of City of H-Town stuff without teeth, why not pass an ordinance prohibiting giving free samples of food away at places like Central Market. I hate it when folks that know better do not use the tongs and instead use their grubby hands. Now that’s a health hazard. I don’t care if the City of H-Town won’t enforce the ordinance. I just want to be able to tell the violators that they are breaking the law.

The chump of the week award goes to the fella at the ‘Stros/Padres game Friday night. Former ‘Stro now Padre Morgan Ensberg hit a screeching line foul ball into the third base side field boxes and whacked a nice looking Latina in the arm - ouch. The replay showed her male companion running away and leaving her to take the shot alone. I hope the replay gets shown all over the world and the fella never gets a date again – chivalry my arse!

I’m betting that the Health Section in today’s Chron gets scooped up by a bunch of women. The cover has a photo of a shirtless Brad Ausmus. I’m betting they will take it to The Yard today in hopes of getting an autograph.

Jim Rome will be doing his show from H-Town tomorrow. I wonder if he will be at The Yard this evening.

The ‘Stros are in town for a ten game homestand. There are 38 games left – 22 at home – 22 times to see B-G-O!

August 20, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary