By Marc Campos

Annie vs Peter

It looks like Annie’s List has been given the assignment of doing H-Town City Controller and Mayoral candidate Annise Parker’s dirty work for now as Annie’s List put an old knee cap job on H-Town Mayoral candidate and Council Member Peter Brown for showing up at a local GOP fundraiser where W’s Brain was featured. Here’s some of the stuff that Annie’s List said in their press release yesterday:

“Peter Brown owes an apology to Kristi Thibaut, Sherri Matula, and other Democrats after attending and being recognized at a Harris County fundraiser featuring Karl Rove, the “Republican mastermind”. The event had the exclusive purpose of raising funds to beat these Democratic women.”

“Brown, a Houston City Councilman and 2009 candidate for mayor, ignored calls from the state party and thousands of voters around the state who signed petitions calling on Rove to heed his subpoena from Congress and return to Washington, D.C. to testify. Instead of joining these voters and his own party, Brown chose to attend a fundraiser for Republicans running against Democrats in his own area.”

“If Peter Brown wants to hob knob with Karl Rove, that is his prerogative, but attending a Republican fundraiser for the explicit purpose of defeating Democratic candidates is way over the line. At the very least he owes Kristi Thibaut and Sherrie Matula an apology and an offer to contribute or raise an equal amount of money for them.”

Commentary wants to know if Annie’s List will really lay off of Peter if he does say I’m sorry. I doubt it. This is the second time Annie’s List has dropped into the 2009 H-Town Mayoral race and probably won’t be the last.

Just an FYI - according to the Texas Ethics Commission, in the past few years, Peter has doled out over 30 grand to Dem candidates including writing a number of checks to women that have been supported by Annie’s List. I wonder if Annie’s List will tell the Dem office holders and candidates to give Peter his money back if he doesn’t apologize. I doubt this too. (He’s probably given more if you add what he’s given to federal candidates.) This is all about H-Town mayoral politics in 2009 and not about the election in November of 2008. Personally, I think the criticism of Peter, who is a good Dem, was a little too harsh.

So I guess the standards and litmus tests for 2009 H-Town Dem city candidates are now being developed. I get where maybe a Dem shouldn’t be at a fundraiser where W’s Brain is being featured. How about taking money from folks that raised a ton of money for W? How about taking money from folks that think W’s doing a good job? Commentary would like to know where the line is and more importantly who’s in charge of drawing it and while you are at it, could you send it to me in writing – please!

Speaking of, yesterday Commentary was checking out the U.S. of A. woman that won the Gold Medal in the discus toss. Maybe Annie’s List ought to recruit her. She could probably toss Peter Brown across the H-Town City Hall Reflection Pool.

Battered, bloodied, bruised, yet unbowed – Bill Clinton is 62 today. Happy Birthday Mr. President!

The ‘Stros lost last night. We can’t afford to be losing games within our division. Heck, we can’t afford to lose games period because we’re thirteen and a half down!

August 19, 2008 9:00AM

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