By Marc Campos

Talking Heads, The Situation Room, Times Up

Why is it you never see a Latino talking head on the national news programs? "Face The Nation", "Meet The Press", "The Late Edition", "Hardball", and "Inside Politics" to name a few, we see the same former elected officials, journalists, commentators, and consultants. They are usually all white - maybe a few African Americans. Unless the topic is immigration or Latino politics, rarely do you see a Latino talking head. This needs to change.

From the stupid idea department - CNN's Situation Room. Don't get it. There is only one situation room. CNN needs to get back to the basics. Can the situation room.

We never really thought that a school finance bill or tax bill would get passed. There is too much finger pointing going on and not enough talking with each other. Hey, but they made sure they got a pension increase.

August 19, 2005, 9:00AM

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