By Marc Campos

Ms. Hancock and St. Rusty

Move over Will Smith. H-Town City Council Member Jolanda Jones pulled a Hancock early Sunday morning when she swooped to the rescue and pulled a woman out of a burning car. Check it out. She actually carried the injured woman to the sidewalk – wow! Jolanda’s off field heroics will probably get her one of those good deed proclamations from the H-Town City Council – heck, she’ll probably present it to herself – cool! Look for the Jolanda action figure to hit the stores soon.

The Chron’s bestowed sainthood on Rusty Hardin yesterday – check it out. When Rusty opened yesterday’s editorial page he was probably humbled – yeah, sure! One thing is for certain, if any member of the Chron E-Board ever gets into trouble and needs a lawyer, St. Rusty will be there and get them off for free.

When Commentary went to his first Dem National Convention some 28 years ago in New York City, I think there was only one party for the delegates to attend. We also had to pay for our own breakfast grub - not anymore. Commentary has seen the invites that Dem delegates are getting to events up in Denver next week. It looks like non-stop-back-to-back-wall-to-wall receptions. I think every freaking interest group in the whole U.S. of A. will be there to help sponsor things. Heck, when are they going to have time to go to the convention floor?

In all of Major League Baseball there are only two Number 7 jerseys that have been retired – Mickey Mantle and B-G-O – now that’s cool! Pam-In-Charge and her crew as usual did an excellent job in putting together a very entertaining ceremony. A standing room only crowd witnessed the ceremony and also got to see Roy O toss a one hitter over eight innings. We won three zip and are thirteen games behind. We only have nineteen home games left – yikes!

August 18, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary