By Marc Campos

Disheartening, Gone, Write-off, Boulder, Slept Well

My PR Agent has an interesting column in this morning's Chron about the City of Houston and METRO. It looks like the congressman that opposed the 2003 METRO rail referendum that was approved by a majority of the voters is now calling the shots on where the METRO line will run - huh! Meanwhile, the folks that came out and supported the METRO plan aren't getting what they voted for and have been told by the City of Houston and METRO - sorry Charlie. It is a classic case of the voters getting punked - and don't even try to argue against this or even try to make excuses.

It is official. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's (DSCC) "Secure" ad is a goner. It has been pulled from their website. Score one for Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado - nice job.

It looks like the Houston City Councilwoman is now the officially endorsed GOP write-off candidate in the CD 22 race, sorta. The CD 22 precinct judges met last night and the Sugar Land Mayor was a no show. He had a scheduling conflict - sure. I gotta feeling that the Sugar Land Mayor ain't gonna back down. It doesn't matter. They're not going to win anyway. Have you ever tried writing-in a candidate on one of those e-slate gizmos? However, the Sugar Land Mayor has to stay in if he wants to be a contender in 2008.

Yesterday's JonBenet case just reminded America of the Keystone Cops, errr Boulder Colorado Police Department and Boulder County DA's Office. So far things aren't adding up. None of the talking heads are convinced that the killer has been caught.

Done? They didn't look done last night. It was victory for the rookie in a 7 to 3 win. No, they're not done.

August 18, 2006, 9:00AM

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