By Marc Campos

Jorge's Eloquence,
Trey's Shot

The immigrant bashees have a voice. His name is Jorge Ramos, anchor of Univision's national news team. Ramos took on CNN's Lou Dobbs on CNN yesterday on the subject of immigration. Ramos is cool, smooth, and has a grasp of the issue. He came across a lot better than Dobbs. Way to go, Jorge.

We have a Rumbo daily newspaper in Houston. It is published in Spanish, cost two bits, you can pick it up in racks across town. If a Rumbo reporter calls me and I'm not in the office, I return their call. Heck, Rumbo has my cell number. Folks read Rumbo or Rumbo wouldn't exist. Voters read Rumbo. Apparently, the Texas State Democratic Party Chair did not return Rumbo's call, a story ran without Dem point of view, Dems look bad to Rumbo readers. San Antonio State Representative Trey Martinez-Fischer (a D) fires off a letter to Dem Chair, chews him out for not returning phone call. Dem Chair does not like being chewed out. Commentary has said it before, Dem Chair doesn't get it.

AP reporter calls, return call. Chron reporter calls, return call. McAllen Monitor reporter calls, return call. Rumbo reporter calls, return call. Just because Rumbo has more pages devoted to soccer coverage than to baseball coverage doesn't mean you don't return their calls.

August 18, 2005, 9:00AM

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