By Marc Campos

Another Brown, H-Town, Rudy’s Tears, Flood Watching

Is H-Town ready for another Mayor Brown? First of all, Commentary thinks Mayor Lee P. Brown was a real good mayor. He did a real good job of including folks in the decision making process. He knew what diversity was all about. In today’s Chron, My PR Agent writes about Houston City Council Member Peter Brown and a possible mayoral bid in 2009. Peter is a Commentary buddy. He also has good ideas. It is interesting that the Chron is already talking about a mayor’s race that is more than two years away.

Also in today’s Chron, there is a column about the City of H-Town wanting to go to places and beyond but not getting there because of a lack of wanting to get there – are you with me? This is kind of like the press release without the release or the bark without the bite. Toward the end of the piece there is a mention of a New York City initiative on vehicle fees. In the case of the left foot not knowing what the right hand is doing, the City of H-Town also has on the table a plan to put a fee on certain types of vehicles that traverse the city’s streets.

Tough guy Rudy G. wants folks to leave his family alone while he’s running. Sorry pal, if your own kids don’t want to vote for you for Prez, then it is fair for the rest of America to know why.

Commentary had the tube tuned in to Channel 11 KHOU TV news coverage of the flood yesterday. H-Town’s Mayor came on the phone during the newscast to warn folks about rising waters. While The Mayor was being interview they showed a City of H-Town vehicle stuck in the water – now that’s funny.

Speaking of storms, there’s another one out in the water and maybe heading this way. It has a name – Dean, errr Howard Dean? It’s on to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Mexico…..aighhhheee!

Speaking of the tube, before the game started in LA last night, the Dodgers were going to honor Craig Biggio. Just as the pre-game tribute ceremony was to begin, they switched to a commercial, errr about five or six commercials. Those freaking idiots at Fox Sports Southwest didn’t let us watch the Biggio ceremony. Now that was pretty stupid. We lost the game.

The team returns Monday. Bethany Arnold formerly known as The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary dropped by yesterday and gave me a Houston Law t-shirt. She’s starts UH Law School next Monday. In her honor, Commentary will wear the t-shirt to The Yard Monday evening.

August 17, 2007 9:00AM

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