By Marc Campos

Where's The "Stinking" Ad, $27 Parking Space, Done?

Yesterday, One Of My Best Friends friend, an alderman from ChiTown, wanted to see the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's (DSCC's) "stinking" ad. He called me, we went to the DSCC website - it's gone! Nothing, nada, zilch! We hit the link and it got us to a different ad - one on how the GOP s__ks on handling W's war. Well, I guess they pulled it after One Of My Best Friends called them out. Commentary is still waiting for an apology. The DSCC is so far taken the lead to be named Daily Commentary's first ever "A__hole of the Month" award. It is no wonder a poll today has Joe leading the DSCC's endorsed Lamont in Connecticut. They created bad karma for themselves with that dumba__ ad. Take back the Senate my a__, not with that bunch leading the DSCC!

Me and The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary played hooky yesterday and went to the yard. As I have mentioned before, weekday day games are tough on parking. Most of the lots that you would use in the evening are filled with cars belonging to Downtown workers during the day. So you have to use parking by the meters or park in Sixth or Second Wards. The problem is that you can only feed the meter for 2 hours. Games usually last 2 and half hours or longer.

We found a parking spot along the street three blocks from the yard near one of those courthouse annexes about 15 minutes before the first pitch. I fed it the 8 quarters for the maximum two hours. We weren't the only 'Stros fans to park along the street.

After the game, which lasted about two and half hours, we walked back to my car and noticed that a lot of the cars parked along the street were ticket free. Woah, not mine! Slapped on my windshield was a parking violation citation for meter expired - $25 fine. You know, the City of Houston Parking Gods ought to give fans a break on weekday day games - like look the other way or patrol the other Downtown areas. Shoot, I should have just paid $20 to park across the street from the yard. I could have bought me a $7 beer.

Speaking of yard activities, the Chron has a piece today challenging the 'Stros by asking the question - are they "done?" Well, they do stink right now especially after getting shutout by a rookie making his major league debut yesterday. Let's see what happens during the 11 game road trip that starts today. Meanwhile, maybe the Chron ought to get LoRod to rustle up some of her curanderas and have them rid the yard of bad spirits.

You gotta love Roger though. He gets hit the other night by a pitch and comes right back the next inning and plunks the first batter he faces. No, they're not done.

August 17, 2006, 9:00AM

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