By Marc Campos

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No Mo

A Young Gun told me last night that immigrant bashing is the next hot button issue coming from the GOP. YG says that bashing is designed to take our eye off of issues like Iraq and $2.56 per gal gasoline. So far, GOP bashers have stayed the course: local cops need to do paperless folk roundups, check out clinics and schools, and create state militias. Hey bashers, why not kick it up a notch like uh start raiding restaurant kitchens (that'll go over good with the state and local restaurant association PACs)? How about supporting a bill that will create a paper checking office at TexDot (that'll go over good with the highway contractor lobby)? You have to wonder what the bashers do when their landscape/lawn guys show up every week - do they check papers, ask questions, look the other way, or assume they have papers? Nah, they just hand over the 50 in cash and thank the system for providing cheap labor.

Hispanic Magazine just came out with the "Top 10 Cities for Latinos/Latinas to Live In." Surprise, surprise - Houston got dissed again. Three Texas cities made the list: Austin at # 1, San Antonio at # 5, and El Paso at # 7. The case for Houston: a Latina County Commissioner, a Latina Mayor Pro Tem, a Latino school superintendent, and a vibrant Latino/Latina business community. Maybe Hispanic Magazine heard about "El DeLayberson." Maybe you don't get on the Top 10 list if you have major players like "El DeLayberson" cracking on paperless folks.

From the I didn't know that department. Have you ever wondered how Chicago Cub shortstop Normar Garciaparra got the name Nomar? His dad's name is Ramon, Nomar spelled backwards.

Houston Astros third baseman Morgan Ensberg is the team's leading slugger. In recent articles, some of his teammates have called him "Mo", short for Morgan. Turns out, he don't like nicknames, including 'Mo." Wonder if his teammates know this?

August 17, 2005, 9:00AM

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