By Marc Campos

Local Dem Activity, Hugo for Life, The 800 Club

Hillary’s campaign got some run today in the Chron’s Style Section thanks to Cin. Hey, run is run. It looks like Hillary has folks in place here getting things done.

As reported earlier, Obama also has a few things going but not on the Hillary level.

The Kucinich folks also had an event recently – I think.

Nothing is going on locally for Edwards or Richardson. Of course, all the experts are saying that the Dem Prez race will be over by the time we have the Lone Star State Dem Primary.

In the race for U.S. Senate in the Dem Primary, we will probably have some activity in Harris County. The Dem fella from San Antonio/Corpus Christi looks like he has enough personal dough to run a full fledged statewide campaign.

There also will probably be a couple of local contested races in the Dem Primary. Local Dem activity is a good thing.

Commentary was driving by the H-Town Convention Center the other day and noticed all the construction going on across the street at Discovery Green, you know, the soon to be new Downtown Park. There has been some run in the Chron about what is going to be there – fancy restaurants and other things. Since it is a deal that involves the City of H-Town, is there minority participation? We have minority participation at The Yard and at Toyota, how about Discovery Green. Are there minority players that are investors over there or have a restaurant? Maybe someone can fill Commentary in on the minority details. If there is no minority participation, are they going to let the raspa guys sell their paletas and raspas? Maybe they can let me have a kiosk and sell Numero 45 gear. Commentary is just wondering.

Hugo Chavez wants to do away with term limits. Doing away with term limits at the City of H-Town is probably a good thing. For Hugo, it is probably not a good thing.

30 years ago today Elvis hung up his blue suede shoes. It got me to thinking. Did we have Elvis impersonators back then?

Barry, Barry, Barry says he wants to play another year. I guess he wants folks to now follow his chase to start the 800 Club. I wonder how much the 800 dinger ball will fetch.

Another West Coast game lasted past midnight and this time we lost. 20 road games left, 22 home games left. The funny thing, it is still very interesting – yikes!

August 16, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary