By Marc Campos

DSCC Misfire, 18, Young Clemenza

Well, we got some good national run yesterday and today on that "stinking" Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) ad called "Secure." Props are definitely in order for Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado (sometimes referred to as One Of My Best Friends and a Commentary client) for leading the charge.

Alvarado, a former member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had this to say in a letter to DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer (D-New York) - "To liken Latino immigrants to bazooka-toting terrorists not only undermines the positive relationship our party has with this community, but also lowers us to a despicable level as breeders of unfounded fear and hatred."  Ouch!

The folks that run the DSCC stepped on a pile of doodoo on this one. You had a leading national Latina Dem, the lead Latino GOP organization, the reputable National Council of La Raza, the Harris County Dem Party Chair, and, errr, Commentary all condemning the ad, yet yesterday, the DSCC stood by the "stinking" ad. This morning, I went on the DSCC's website and I couldn't find the ad - I think they're hiding it. I'm still looking for an apology, however.

While touring the DSCC's website, I checked out their list of so called "senior staff," I didn't see anyone who had a last name that looked like mine. Maybe that's their problem. Hopefully, I'm wrong on this point and they will produce one a la Martin Sheen.

A high five goes to the Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary for major contributions to the client's letter. Bazooka does sound better than rocket launcher. Maybe we'll take the afternoon off - hey isn't there an afternoon happening at the yard today?

Speaking of the yard, I should have known things might get weird last night when My Best Friend's Daughter, who also happens to be My Goddaughter, pointed out that it was Aggie Night and Roger The Longhorn was pitching. Lidge was, well, Lidge. He better be careful. He might be an accidental contributor to future baseball terminology, like when a closer blows a save opportunity, they are going to start calling it - he got "Lidged." We could only hang through 12 of last night's 18 innings. After the loss, I went to bed and had bad dreams. The game was just like the season - up and down.

Young Clemenza is dead. Actor Bruno Kirby was 57 years young.

August 16, 2006, 9:00AM

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