By Marc Campos

SD 7, R Latino Candidates

As predicted by Commentary, immigrant bashing is taking a front seat in the Senate District 7 GOP primary. Hey, folks without papers don't vote in the GOP primary, they vote in the Dem primary. This past weekend, state senate wannabe Mark Ellis, who is also a Houston city council member, penned an op-ed that ran in the Chron. My 'ol bud Ellis blamed all our woes on paperless folks. Health care and school funding problems - the fault of the paperless brigade. Ellis says it is costing Texans $4 billion per year.

Ellis' solution: ban the matricula card, start collecting data at schools, hospitals, and welfare agencies, repeal so called sanctuary status of cities, and have local law enforcement get into the immigration game.

Ellis is dead set on joining DeLayberson in the immigrant bashing game. How about "El DeLayberson?"

There are now 2 Latino Rs running for two different Houston City Council, At-Large positions. Houston voters tend not to pay that much attention to at-large city council races. Chances are the two Latino candidates will get most of the Latino votes this November. The local GOP leadership will then brag that Latino voters have the same values as the GOP voters. Makes sense?

August 16, 2005, 9:00AM

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