By Marc Campos

The Crib Factor

The Texas State Senate District 17 race is getting pretty interesting. The GOP candidates are tearing each other up which is A-OK to Commentary. One of the candidates, Austin Furse, is touting the fact that he was a leader in the campaigns against H-Town’s sports cribs. I don’t know about that. When you have close to 3 mil going to The Yard every season, regular sellouts at the Texan games, a few hundred thousand and their caballos at The Rodeo, and a few hundred thousand that go check out Yao and T-Mac – I don’t see how that scores points. Hey, let them rip each other up. It will only help out Da Bell who by the way has a very good team in place plus Da Bell is as good a Dem candidate as there is.

Speaking of, Commentary saw an email yesterday where the Radio Guy GOP State Senator from SD 7 says he will check into buying the Austin newspaper. Now that’ll certainly keep Austin weird.

It looks like the Chron E-Board still reads Commentary. They have a take today on the Junior Senator. Check it out.

Commentary has seen where half of the front page of the Chron on special occasions is devoted to moon walks, disasters, winners of Prez elections, ‘Stros going to the World Serious, or assassinations. Now we have today’s Chron front page devoted to the local television preacher’s wife winning a lawsuit – huh!

La Esposa De Numero 45 sat behind Commentary (in Pam-In-Charge’s seats) yesterday. She said Numero 45 is doing A-OK.

B-G-O is getting his jersey retired this Sunday – check it out.

We won again yesterday. We’ve won eight in a row. The D-Backs are in town for three. We’re still twelve back – yikes!

August 15, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary