By Marc Campos

Chew the Local Scenery

My good buddy Kevin Hoffman has decided not to seek reelection to the Board of Education of the Houston Independent School District (HISD). Kevin did a great job as a school board trustee. He will be missed but Iím sure he will also be back soon. FYI - Kevin Hoffman is a James Rodriguez supporter.

Meanwhile, the race to replace Hoffman will be interesting and closely watched. Former Houston City Council Member Michael Yarborough will face off against former City Council Member and former HISD Board Trustee Carol Galloway. Yarborough, as I recall, ran a race as an independent for Texas AG Commissioner a while back I think Ė huh? I donít think I ever figured that one out. Yarborough also had some legal and ethical issues he had to deal with. I guess heís coming back for seconds. Iím betting that some folks over at HISDNation are a bit worried about having Yarborough on the Board.

Galloway, a dear friend of CEWDEM and a Commentary friend, is an old pro. Iím betting Galloway will get most of the endorsements from various groups. You definitely know what you are getting with both if you know what I mean.

Commentary has taken a few calls and emails from throughout the state about the internet take that went out last week about Dem politics in H-Townís East End. First of all, nobody from the East End can confirm that what was put out is actually happening. Second of all, the fella that put out the piece has no history of being involved in East End politics. Heck, I donít even know if he knows where the East End is. Iíll give him a hint - itís on the opposite side of the West End.

Another West Coast game last night ended just past midnight and we won. This time the bad guys made the goofy plays. Weíll take it though.

August 14, 2007 9:00AM

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