By Marc Campos

Just Another Mexican Looking For A Job

Well, my Party entered the ranks of the shameless. Democrats now are playing the immigrant card - they too can now be designated as a__holes. The creative geniuses at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) now think it's OK to diss Latino voters.

They have an ad running on the DSCC website that slaps the GOP around for not doing enough in the war against terrorism. In the ad they show a terrorist with a rocket launcher, Bin Laden, the head fella in Iran that was on "60 Minutes" and wants to make nukes, the North Korean ruler, and a Mexican looking for a job jumping a fence. Come on, like my friend Massey the GOPer says, folks that come from south of the border drive riding lawn mowers, not airliners into buildings.

How many times do Dems need to hear that when you start acting like GOPers, you lose elections? We're not going to score more votes by making the Latino immigrants the bad guys. In fact, Latinos may stay home if they are getting dissed by both political parties.

I guess the a__holes at the DSCC haven't seen the polls that say Latino voters are turned off by the GOP's harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric and that's why Latinos are poised to vote for Dem candidates. The DSCC doesn't make it easy for Latinos to vote for Ds when they start making those wanting a job look like terrorists.

Latino Dems should be outraged! Heck, all Dems should be outraged at the fact that the DSCC has decided to make Latino immigrants the bad guys.

The guys that came up with this ignorant, stupid and hateful ad ought to be run out of the Dem Party. The DSCC Chair ought to apologize to Commentary and the rest of the folks that don't like the "stinking" ad.

Check out ignorance, Democratic Party style .

August 15, 2006, 9:00AM

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