By Marc Campos

The Quote, You Dirty Rat

It was just a matter of time before it got to this point. In the District 143 race, the other side adopted the late State Representative Joe E. Moreno's campaign logo. Joe's mother is the campaign treasurer. Joe's photo is prominently displayed on their website. On the list of their supporters page - first on the list - "the family of the late State Representative Joe E. Moreno." They brought Joe into the campaign.

When the Laura Salinas Campaign used Joe's photo and quote on residency on Laura's first mailer, the other side went ballistic. Folks forget that Commentary, before Commentary, served as Joe's political consultant. In 2002, in the Dem Primary, Joe faced three opponents - that's a lot for a primary. Two of his opponents didn't live in the district. Joe was forced into a runoff and Joe made residency an issue. We even had a press conference in front of Joe's opponent's home which was located outside of District 143. Residency mattered then and it matters now.

A couple of weeks ago Laura received what she thought was a personal letter from the Moreno family. The family wasn't happy that Laura's campaign used Joe's photo and quote. Within days, the other side started sending around the "personal letter" to members of the media and other players. While in the process of electronically passing around the "personal letter" they forgot (or maybe they didn't) to delete a memo from their campaign manager saying that the candidate wanted the letter forwarded to all points. Pretty disingenuous for them to politicize the family's "personal letter."

It gets sillier. The local labor guy that orchestrated the screenless local labor endorsement for Laura's opponent, emailed Laura with a request. He wants the Salinas campaign to refrain from using Joe's photo and quote in the future. This is the same guy that dissed Laura a couple of months ago and now he wants to tell her how to run her campaign. Sorry pal, it doesn't work that way.

This past week, the Chron and the Press have run articles on a growing rat problem in downtown Houston. Last week, a Young Gun and I were walking to the yard, it was still daylight, when out of nowhere a big rat steps on to the sidewalk. This rat ain't scurrying, in fact, the rat has a swagger, like he belongs on the sidewalk, heck, like the sidewalk belongs to him. The rat even jaywalked. The Chron 'splained why we might have a rat problem - '"dominant male may mate with 20 females in six hours." You dirty rat!

August 15, 2005, 9:00AM

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