By Marc Campos

Con Nosotros My Arse!

Way back in 1978, nearly 30 years ago, Commentary was heavily involved in Bob Krueger’s race against Lone Star State Senator John Tower. The Tower campaign slogan that they used in the Latino community was “John Tower – con nosotros” or “with us.” I was always amused by that phrase because it simply wasn’t true.

In today’s Chron, there is a piece about local Latino GOP leaders crying in their cervezas over the fact that they have been used by the Lone Star State GOP. They don’t like the GOP’s bashing of paperless folks. After 30 years, Latino GOP leaders are finally getting it.

For the past few decades Commentary has been letting Latino folks know about GOP shortcomings within the Latino community. As the Latino student population has increased over the years, the GOP has supported less spending on public education. As the Latino college age student population has increased, the GOP has supported spending less on higher education. The GOP opposes affirmative action programs that have a proven record of making higher education a viable option for young Latinos. The GOP opposes affirmative action programs that have allowed Latino owned businesses to compete for government contracts. On health care, many young Latino children from low income households have gone without health insurance because of the GOP’s cold heartedness. The GOP has made it very difficult for the Latino community to advance, develop and prosper in the Lone Star State.

So now the GOP Latino leaders are tired of being treated like perros. They finally get that they are third rate players in a party that thrives on hate within the Latino community. They finally get that the GOP is a real threat to our culture, our heritage, and our way of life. Commentary is glad that many GOP Latino leaders have figured out that their party stinks.

Meanwhile, the Dem Party doesn’t appear to be taking advantage of Latino disillusionment with the GOP. When it comes to increasing their share of Texas Latino voters, Dems are clueless – so what else is new?

By the way, the 1978 campaign was one of the most brutal ever.

James Rodriguez candidate for Houston City Council, District I, received the endorsement of the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats yesterday. Way to go!

“Si se puede” is the battle cry of Los Caballitos out at The Yard. They had a sign out there this past weekend with Numero 45 on a poster with the “Si se puede” slogan – cool.

Those folks at The Yard certainly embrace folks of the Latino persuasion. They have fajitas, Coronas, Nine Amigos Restaurant, Latino Heritage Weekend next month, Numero 45 Bobbleheads coming soon, Los Caballitos, Sweet Marisa, and now “Si se puede” stuff. I wonder how you say bobblehead in Spanish.

Last night’s West Coast game lasted past midnight but we won thanks to Roy O.

August 14, 2007 9:00AM

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