By Marc Campos

Eye Off Of The Prize, The Dean's Yard

We got more of the world hating us because of W's policies. We're in a war we shouldn't be in. The 9/11 Commissions Chairs say Iraq didn't have anything to do with the events of nearly five years ago and all the GOP can say is Dems are soft on terrorism because Connecticut Dems booted out Joe. Pleeeeease! Now the GOP tries to make a big deal because two prominent African American Revs are standing with Lamont on election night. Pleeeeese again! Don't let the GOP get away with this. We have to keep hammering away at them on their f__k_d up war.

CEWDEM announced Friday that The Dean turned 57 yesterday. The Dean and I sat together at the yard Saturday night in The Dean's seats. The Dean has accomplished a lot since taking office in 1973. I've mentioned this before, The Dean helped make the yard possible. He carried the legislation that allowed it to be built. He helped cut the deal to make sure it was built Downtown and not way out on South Main Street.

Building the yard was the stimulus for Downtown development and revitalization. We're a better city because of the yard. Plus it's great entertainment. Drayton, Mayor Bob and The Dean are at the top of the list for making the yard a reality. I jokingly told The Dean Saturday night, that if he's a goner before me, I'm going to try to get him interred on Tal's Hill.

We didn't do so hot against the Padres this past weekend. However, Commentary did get foul ball numero cinco of the year yesterday. It was a line drive one hop foul ball that bounced off my hands. I had to stretch out into the field and use my lid to scoop it up. Emel nearly had to hold on to my legs to make sure I didn't fall into the field which would have gotten me an escort out of the yard. By the way, I gave the ball to a kid sitting next to me.

August 14, 2006, 9:00AM

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