By Marc Campos

An Early Start

Commentary has addressed the fact that campaigns get started earlier nowadays. Heck, John Edwards started his when he was still messing around. Commentary got a couple of calls yesterday about H-Town City Council Member James Rodriguez showing up in a Bill King email release a couple of days ago. Bill King is preparing to run for H-Town Mayor in 2009 and James was announced as a Co-Chair of one of his exploratory committees.

It is actually pretty simple. When James was running for city council last year, Bill was with him from Day One. Bill King was very supportive of James’ campaign. Expect James to be very supportive of Bill King once the campaigns get going.

A Virginian will be the Dems keynote speaker. Hillary and Bill already have slots. Ditto for Michelle Obama and Speaker Pelosi. Commentary is wondering who will be the featured Latino/Latina speaker at the Dem Convention. Si se puede!

Speaking of an early start, Commentary convinced Drayton and Pam-In-Charge to make the ‘Stros/Reds game on August 28 a day game so Commentary could watch the Obama speech that evening.

One of Commentary’s favorite Olympians tossed a no-no in softball yesterday. Congrats to Cat Osterman! Of course, the Olympics are twelve hours ahead of us. So sometimes I can’t figure out if what I’m watching is live, happened yesterday, or happening tomorrow – you follow me – or as the H-Town Mayor likes to say – “you know what I’m saying.”

The ‘Stros continue to play great baseball. Last night the Big Puma had a Grand Salami to put the game out of reach. You need to go check them out. We’ve won six in a row and are eleven and a half back.

August 13, 2008 9:00AM

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