By Marc Campos

Who Then? Brainless, Ethical Corrections, Oldtimers, Tiger, B-G-O!

There is an article on the wire today that says Hillary will be a drag on down ballot candidates next year if she is the nominee for Prez. OK, that’s fair enough. Some moderate Dem Party leaders are quoted in the piece. OK, that’s also fair enough. The problem with the article is they don’t say who wouldn’t be a drag on down ballot candidates – Obama an African American, Edwards a trial lawyer, Richardson a Latino. Haven’t folks learned never to underestimate the Clintons?

The White House will soon be going Brainless. That’s probably a good thing. Say what you want about W’s Brain, but don’t forget, he made a good living kicking our arses. I for one am glad he’s out of the game for now.

Commentary knew it was finally going to happen. The dreaded campaign expenditure reports are now being closely reviewed – yikes! Talk about ethical challenges, some Texas state legislators now have to correct them and detail those Amex and Visa bills. This ought to be interesting and a bit expensive.

The Osmonds are making a Vegas comeback. They were on the tube this morning. They sure look old. Heck, they are old!

What can you say about Tiger? He’s a freaking winning machine – period! The fella that called him out last week didn’t even make the cut.

B-G-O, B-G-O! Yesterday was Craig Biggio Day at The Yard. They had a cool pre-game program. Biggio also had a dinger. During the seventh inning stretch, Pam-In-Charge had everyone put on their #7 Biggio T-Shirt – that was also cool. The ‘Stros won. Heck, we should have swept the weekend series.

Senor Ed was a hit at The Yard this past week. He was shown on the Diamond Vision screen a few times. He also did a couple of interviews with the media.

The ‘Stros head west this week then return next Monday. There are only 22 opportunities remaining to see Craig Biggio.

August 13, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary