By Marc Campos

We're #177, Da Bell, Laura

According to the Bay Area Center for Voting Research, Houston ranks # 177 on the list of the most liberal cities. H'town ranks behind cities like Kansas City (#59), Raleigh (#88), and Augusta, GA (#110). Huh? 237 cities were ranked. Most liberal Texas city - Dallas at #32. Least liberal Texas city - Lubbock at #236. Number one liberal city in America - Detroit. Dead last for liberals - Provo, Utah.

Kinky gets a mention in today's Chron, but zilch for Chris Bell and his upcoming campaign kickoff this Sunday in Austin. Hey, maybe the Chron is saving Da Bell some space on the front page of Monday's edition.

She don't get labor. She don't get local Latino organization endorsement. She gets outrai$ed - so far. A few electeds are supporting her opponent. Then how come Laura Salinas is considered one of - if not - the frontrunner(s) in the District 143 race? Well, maybe because she is a very impressive candidate. Or, how about the fact that she is still the only candidate that lives in the district? It's residency, stupid.

August 12, 2005, 9:00AM

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