By Marc Campos

“I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft”

“Who's the cat that won't cop out, when there's danger all about? SHAFT! Right On!” One of the coolest writers and singers of one of the coolest songs of all time died yesterday. Isaac Hayes was only 65. The “Theme From Shaft” is for sure a contributor to some of the hearing loss Commentary has suffered through the years. Every time that tune came on in the early 70s, I’d crank the volume on the car stereo up to the max and roll up the windows. I also liked him as Gandolph Fitch in a few episodes of the “Rockford Files” with James Garner. “Can you dig it?” “Theme From Shaft” took home the Oscar in 1971.

In case you missed it, Daily Commentary had a rare Saturday morning appearance a couple of days ago. Don’t expect anymore Saturday takes anytime soon.

Speaking of “he's a complicated man, but no one understands him but his woman”, John Edwards’ girlfriend is pulling a Garbo and wants to be left alone. Sorry lady! You gave up your anonymity when you hooked up with a fella that had just been the VP candidate for Prez in the most powerful country in the galaxy.

Commentary checked out H-Town’s Mayor on “Red, White and Blue” this weekend. He’s running and he’s going to kick arse! Let me say this. Don’t even think about going after him if he doesn’t get involved in this year’s elections. He’s paid his dues to the Dem Party for sure. He’s been a State Chair, helped raise a ton of money for Bill Clinton in 1992, served in a Dem administration, and has given a lot of dough to the Dem Party and candidates. Commentary first met him in 1978 when he was Bob Krueger’s chief issues advisor during the Mother-Of-All-Lone-Star-Statewide-Campaigns – Krueger versus John Tower.

Quien es mas macho? Jolanda o la policia? Commentary is starting to get convinced that H-Town Council Member Jolanda Jones is begging for an opponent in next year’s council elections. Her encounter earlier this month with Houston police officers got some run in newspapers across the state.

Commentary was watching the first full day of the Olympics and saw the women sweep all the medals in Saber competition. Why don’t they just call it sword fighting?

Commentary also checked out the latest version of the Dream Team take on Yao and the Chinese. The Chinese team need some U.S. American hoopsters on their squad. The Yao-LaBron Coca-Cola commercial that they ran during the game is a Hall of Fame ad for sure.

Speaking of the Olympics, if you put both Prez candidates in the new high tech Speedo swimsuits, who would lose the most votes?

The American Campaign Skipper sent Commentary a note and begged to be put on the list of folks that give Commentary could baseball takes. I thought about it for a good five seconds –“not yet, not yet” – which by the way were the last words said in the great “Gladiator” flick.

We swept the Reds in four and went five and two on the road trip but it came at a painful cost – OUCH! Senor Ed and Senor Ted are really bummed out and I don’t expect them to want to accompany me to The Yard anytime soon. Their idol, Numero 45, is dinged up pretty good and won’t be available until the ‘Stros reach the World Serious. Numero 45 was arguably the hottest player in the Bigs before he went down Saturday night. I wonder if Los Caballitos will show up tonight as we take on the Giants for four. Hey, I’m not going to say anything, but since we’re talking about hurting for a left fielder, what is Barry, Barry, Barry doing nowadays? The Smartest Baseball Guy in H-Town thinks the ‘Stros should sign him. Check it out in today’s Chron.

Here’s what GM Ed Wade said in today’s Chron: “I don’t see us pursuing that.”

Here’s what Skipper Cecil Cooper said in today’s Chron: “I don’t think that is someone we’re interested in.”

Here’s what the Big Puma said in today’s Chron: “I’d love to have him on the team.”

Commentary wouldn’t be offended if we signed him. He could play for the minimum – lay on some incentives like reaching the World Serious. Think of all the interest that would be generated and media folks that would come in to town and spend their dough to cover the guy. Plus, he could kind of redeem himself – of course, he would have to agree to hang out before games where Commentary sits and sign John Hancocks. Hey, just a thought! I wonder how Barry, Barry, Barry ( “he's a complicated man”) would look in Brick Red and we’re twelve and a half back?

August 11, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary