By Marc Campos

Tic Tacs, Debut

Coin flip, numbers out of a hat, drawing straws, holding your breath under water, pistols at dawn, a game of chicken on the beltway, Russian roulette, a spelling bee, hot dog eating contest - take your choice - come on GOP, make it interesting and get it down to one candidate in CD 22. I thought you guys were gonna field one candidate in the for-sure-to-lose write-in campaign. It is more interesting if you guys get behind a single candidate.

The Houston City Council Member and the former Mayor of Sugar Land are running as write-in GOP candidates.

The State GOP cried the other night and said the judiciary was allowing "liberal Democrats" to pick their candidate, if that's the case, place a call to a lefty. They'll make the pick.

Fact of the matter, I think it was a case of bold talk the other day. They had to sound tough. Reality has now set in. Now they realize it is going to be difficult to raise funds for a sure loss. They don't even have a system to get behind a single candidate. Get your act together!

Now that you can't take liquids on flights, it is going to be tough on those real long flights, especially if your breath gets a little sour. No more tiny bottles of Listerine to bail you out. Not even toothpaste. Maybe the Tic Tac fellas will develop a super strong dissolvable Tic Tac that you can plop into the nasty airline water, take it into the lavatory and swish it around, spit it out, and not worry about offending the passenger next to you.

OK 'Stros fans, let's welcome Jason Michael Hirsh. The 24 year old 6'8" right handed pitcher makes his major league debut Saturday night. The Santa Monica, California native will start against the Padres. Be there!

August 11, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary