By Marc Campos

They Don't Read The Newspaper, Gassed, Farewell Cathy

A pay raise should go to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer that walks into DNC Chair Howard Dean's office today, throws the newspaper on his desk, and says - "Hey Boss, U.S. Census just released an estimate on Texas' population that says that the state is now majority minority. I think it's time we put together a strategy and resources to color that state blue." It is definitely a long term strategy, but one that is long overdue and certainly worth it.

Had to gas up yesterday, one Mobil station had it for $2.47 per gallon, a Shamrock station across the street for $2.33 - went for the green. Remember when W was running for prez in 2000 and boasted that he would do some serious "jawboning" with the OPEC guys to make sure gas prices stayed reasonable. Guess $2.33 is reasonable.

From former Houston Independent School District Trustee and Commentary friend Cathy Mincberg: "I will begin a new adventure as the Chief Operating Officer of the Portland (Oregon) Public Schools, PPS. It has been a tough decision to leave Houston for the great NW but it is a wonderful opportunity and one that I cannot let pass me by. Portland is led by a dynamic new superintendent, Dr. Vicki Phillips, formerly the Commissioner of Education for Pennsylvania, who is building a dynamic team. PPS has a terrific Board of Education and they are anxious to create a world class school system. I am honored to have been asked to be a part of that transformation." Cathy is one of the true heroes in the fight to save our schools in Houston. Commentary has sometimes not agreed with Cathy on some policy issues, but her dedication and passion are hard to rival. Houston is losing a great warrior and Oregon's PPS is gaining a bright mind. So long Cathy.

August 11, 2005, 9:00AM

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