By Marc Campos

Farewell and Good Luck Bethany!

I first met Bethany Arnold aka The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary aka beth@camposcommunications.com when she was 13 years young. She was a cute kid back then. Like Commentary, she was a fan of The Beatles, so I used to give her Beatles CDs and Beatles gear for Christmas, her birthday or just for the heck of it.

Back then, she also had takes on politics and public policy. During discussions, she made sure that her points were clear and heard. She didnít have a problem getting in your face. I definitely knew where she stood on an issue. I liked that she was Pro Choice and for affirmative action. I knew back then that she would eventually be a player in the ďgame.Ē

Sheís been around my shop since 1999, except for a brief period when she was out of town in school.

Commentary does a better job than most of bringing young folks into the political business. I try to get them into making decisions and strategy calls as soon as possible. Hey, if they screw up it isnít the end of the world, itís a learning process. I treated Bethany no different.

I encouraged Bethany to get involved in politics. I knew back then that she would make a contribution to the business. Eventually Bethany became my sounding board, confidant, assistant and colleague. We have also had a few heated debates and one or two shouting matches on strategies that needed to be developed. Anything of substance that went out of our shop had her prints Ė everything.

A few weeks ago I was kind of amused when somebody out in cyberspace took a cheap shot at her for attending a meeting of the local Latino Dem organization. They kind of questioned why Bethany was at the meeting. Hanging around here, Bethany has learned more about local Latino politics than most folks involved in local Latino politics. She has dealt directly on countless occasions with some of the more respected local Latino players in town.

Bethany has now decided to take on a new challenge Ė UH Law School. Sheíll do great and she will be a great lawyer.

Iíll miss her takes, her point of view, drives to meet clients, going to lunch with her, and going to the occasional weekday afternoon game at The Yard.

For now, Commentary and our clients will have to get along without her counsel and advice. It will be difficult at first but we will manage Ė I hope. Iíll have to get used to not having a best friend around here to help me take care of things. It will be sad a first but Iíll move on. Iíll miss her.

Good luck Bethany. You were one of the best I ever had the pleasure to work with. Stay in touch. Love, Marc.

By the way, Bethany Arnold donít need touching up.

Commentary was at The Yard last night at the ĎStros Wivesí Gala. We sat in left centerfield I think. They sure do know how to throw a gala at The Yard. The first place Brewers are in for three this weekend Ė yikes! It is Craig Biggio Day this Sunday Ė Iíll be there!

August 10, 2007 9:00AM

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