By Marc Campos

Four Takes

Commentary knows he'll catch some flack on this, but has anyone in Austin thought about hiring an outside mediator, getting all the parties together - GOPers and Dems - give up some, win some, lose some - nobody comes home with everything? Everybody has to give up something. Nothing else seems to be working. Then they all can say in unison - "We did it for the school children, we did it for the taxpayer."

From the "Dumba__ of the Year" finalist category. The 20 year old idiot from San Antonio that wrote a bomb threatening note on a gun wrapper and left it on a Southwest Airlines plane last week. Dumba__ Fella said it was a joke. Yeah fella, Houston's Hobby Airport was shut down for awhile and CNN covered the passengers being evacuated off the plane. How did the feds nab Dumba__ Fella? He left his cell number on the note.

Last night, at the ballgame, Washington Nationals invaded Minute Maid Park. Nationals' lid has a "W". Nationals' logo is a "DC". A Young Gun told Commentary, in DC, Dems don't wear lids with the "W" to the Nationals game. Dems wear lids with the "DC." I'm OK with that.

Young Gun also had an opinion on news coverage priorities. He cracked on major news organizations for running stories on the "Runaway Bride" - TV news crews and wire service photographers caught her performing community service - she was mowing lawns. Saw the story this morning. Gotta agree with the Young Gun on this, we've heard enough about the "Runaway Bride."

August 10, 2005, 9:00AM

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