By Marc Campos

Saturday Morning Special: Angst For Local Dems?

And now for the real bad news! Local Dems were supposed to make cleaning up Harris County government and ethics reform a centerpiece of the campaign this year. Well this John Edwards mess might have given the local GOP an ethics issue of their own. Commentary is not talking about Edwards’ featured role at the up-coming Harris County Dem Party’s annual fundraiser. I’m betting Edwards will be a no-show.

I’m talking about Edwards’ National Finance Chair paying hush money to Edwards’ girlfriend. The Chair, who Commentary has never met, is supposedly a major force behind the local Harris County Dem effort this year. Of course, Commentary is like a lot of other folks around here in that we really don’t know what the local effort is all about.

Commentary senses that Harris County voters are ready to say adios to the GOP county incumbents. However, voters love scandals – particularly those that involve infidelity of this magnitude. They will definitely pay attention when the local GOP starts telling the swing voters that the fella who was paying hush money to John Edwards’ girlfriend is a major financial force behind local Dem candidates. It is not going to take the local GOP a long time to connect the dots. Commentary thinks that there is enough out there to muddle things up. We Dems are going to be having to do a lot of ‘splaining.

Way to go! What were they thinking! Thanks a lot for giving the local GOP something to stick up our arse!

After watching the ‘Stros last night, Commentary switched to the Olympics just in time to catch Yao Ming carrying the Chinese flag – Yao was wearing the old Houston Rockets colors – cool!

Last night Numero 45 reached career RBI 1,001 – a “Stros Space Odyssey! Congrats to Carlos Lee and we’re still thirteen and a half back.

August 9, 2008 9:00AM

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