By Marc Campos

Numero Uno, Of Course

Latinos are now the largest population group in the largest county in The Lone Star State according to the U.S. Census folks. I’m talking about Harris County, of course – home to Commentary and the ‘Stros. Somebody get this news to the folks that run the Texas Democratic Party.

Speaking of, The Kinkhole says he might run for Texas Governor in 2010 as a Dem. I guess he’s not selling enough books. Hey, Kinkhole! Go on ahead and get in the race – Dems owe you an arse kicking.

The space shuttle had a successful launch yesterday. No word yet on whether or not they had an on board celebration with tequila space shots. If they get loaded, who’s gonna pull them over anyway?

The Lovely Wendy’s wedding photo is in the Chron’s This Week section today, check her out. She looks lovely of course. Meanwhile, James Rodriguez ran into a lot of supporters at National Night Out the other night of course.

Bethany Arnold aka The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary aka beth@camposcommunications.com has two days left here. She’ll be starting law school in another week or so. She’s been in the business with Commentary for a few years now. She never holds back on what she is thinking – that’s one of the reasons I like her. Her takes are good. She’ll be a player for as long as she wants which I hope is a long time.

Senor Ed and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Cubbie fans as their team got swept by the ‘Stros. There sure were a lot of them at The Yard. Speaking of, Commentary has figured out a way to sneak into the ‘Stros Wives’ Gala this evening at The Yard, of course, I have to wear my tux and lid. I got to find a tux that Senor Ed can get into. 25 opportunities left to see Craig Biggio – be there!

August 9, 2007 9:00AM

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