By Marc Campos

Hey Joe, Write Off, WTC, Stinking Signatures, Confidence, Blind Love

Where are you going with that gun in your hand - put it down? Six years ago you were the "dahling" of Dems, this morning you are proof that heavy petting with W is a no-no within our Party. Don't let your humongous ego get in the way, give it up. Props go to yesterday's Connecticut Democratic Primary voters for sending a very powerful message. There won't be any dancing around the Iraq War issue for Dem Presidential wannabees in 2008 - and that's a good thing.

Write off the write-in strategy. Ain't gonna work. CD 22 is now a done deal. The ballgame is over. Read the writing on the wall. Listen to your own strategists. Save your money. It is a waste of time. Get the picture?

WTC opens at theaters everywhere today. Commentary plans to check it out this week. The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary says she is taking a pass on the movie. There are probably a lot of folks like her in the US of A. If the movie is good as the reviews are saying it is, how can it not get Best Picture of the Year? If you are an Academy member, how can you not vote for WTC?

Looks like the "stinking" mean spirited locals have their backs against the wall. They have to turn in their "stinking" petitions in the next couple of days. I hear they are pretty "stinking" mad about the city's deadline. I think their entire "stinking" effort "stinks."

I've been meaning to touch on this for a while. The Astros organization is one of the coolest. Props go to Drayton and Pam. The Astros have a good deal going for their season ticket holders. If you can't make it to the yard or can't unload your seats, you can sell your tickets through their website. You get your own account and can put your tickets up for sale online. Even above face value - can't say how much more - it's a secret.

I guess the Astros didn't like that the ticket brokers were making a killing so the club got into the business. You see, in the past, we could try to sell them to a broker and the broker would tell you that they would be hard to get rid of, so you'd be lucky to get face value. Then you go to the ticket broker's website and see that they were selling them for a kazillion bucks. You could try ebaying them, but you sometimes you don't get action.

Now, the Astros get a percentage of the action - can't tell you how much - that's also a secret. Hey, I'm cool with that, so long as it goes to pay Roger. The sale amount goes into your account. It's not like a paypal deal where you can zap the buckos into your checking account. When someone buys your tickets, it goes into your account and your funds can only be applied to playoff or next year's season tickets.

Well, I logged onto my account this past weekend and saw that my account had been cleaned out. I called My Best Friend and he checked his account and he too had been cleaned out. After a couple of frantic calls to the Astros - me thinking that we had been hacked - the Astros said that they had applied the funds to playoff tickets.

Let's see, we're four games under .500, we have 50 games left to play, and we're already paying for playoff tickets. Now that is confidence!

A Cialis commercial came on the tube yesterday and at the end when they let you know about side effects, they said if you have problems with vision call your doctor. I don't know about doing stuff you can't see.

Correction: Yesterday's quote should have read - "you're trying to seduce me?"

August 9, 2006, 9:00AM

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