By Marc Campos

What About Us, Mister Chair?

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Howard Dean visited the Rio Grande Valley in Texas this past weekend. That's a good thing - lots of Dem votes down there. Now it's time for the DNC to take a look at the Latino community in the Houston area.

You've heard it from Commentary before. There are more Latinos in Harris County (Houston) than there are in the Rio Grande Valley. There are more Latinos in Harris County than there are in Bexar County (San Antonio). Houston has 17 (at last count) radio stations that target the Latino community. We have two Spanish language daily newspapers and over a dozen Spanish language weekly newspapers. We have four local Spanish language TV stations - two of them are full service with local news staffs. Over half of the student population at the Houston Independent School District (the state's largest) is Latino.

Heck, I don't even think that the State Dem Chair has visited the Houston Latino community. Commentary has said it before, in order for Dems to start making a statewide comeback, Harris County has to be a priority. Why? Cause we're the largest county in the state, with the largest Latino population. Now that's a whole lot of Dem vote potential. Makes sense to Commentary. Unfortunately, the Houston area Latino community won't get any attention from folks like the DNC unless folks know we exist - so far, folks don't know we exist.

The Nationals are in town tonight. Last year they were called the Expos. Commentary, before Commentary, went to see the 'Stros play the Expos in Montreal a few years ago. Expos had a not so good crib. A player once said about playing in the Expos' crib - "they don't call them crowds in Montreal, they're focus groups." Astros are home for 13 straight games, including three with the Cubbies and their obnoxious fans. Astros lead the Wild Card race. Every game means something. Get out to the yard

From the who cares department: for those that workout - go to the gym - regularly, have you noticed that Monday nights are the busiest.

August 9, 2005, 9:00AM

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