By Marc Campos

More From Las Hillaryistas

It is good to know that One Of My Best Friends reads Commentary. This is what she said in todayís Chron: "There is still a very strong contingent of Hillary delegates in the Texas delegation," said Carol Alvarado, a Houston delegate and Democratic candidate for state Senate (err not yet). "There are still delegates that want her to be nominated and want to vote for her." Check out the article. Carol Alvarado speaks for a whole lot of Hillary supporters for sure. Carol Alvarado also doesnít take a back seat to anyone when it comes to working oneís arse off for the Democratic Party.

Commentary thinks this inflate your car tires issue is a non issue. Heck, how many gas stations actually have an air pump. I think Iíve seen some that you have to feed with quarters that I have never used because I draw the line when it comes to paying for air. If you do run into a place that has free air, you need one of those pocket gauge gizmos. I think I know of one station in all of H-Town that has an air pump with a built in gauge. Somebody gave Obama some bad research and McCain is hammering away but folks donít care because it is too much of a hassle to find an air pump.

Props to go The Gossips for his take on the Tom Bradley factor yesterday that CEWDEM distributed.

Forty years ago today in Miami Beach, the GOP nominated Richard Nixon for Prez. Thirty four years ago today, Nixon announced that he was quitting.

The Graduate, err Bernie Focker, err Louis Dega, err Ratso Rizzo, err Tootsie is 71 today. Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman! I wonder if heís going to Pezicanoís tonight.

Sometimes Commentary has to give some things some run. Last night Carol Alvarado had a reception in Pasadena, Texas at a place called DaniVens located on Fairmont Parkway off of the Beltway. Cong. Nick Lampson was a special guest and Cong. Gene Green, Constable Gary Freeman, JP JoAnn Delgado, and Council Member James Rodriguez were among those that attended. The owners of DaniVens are big supporters of Alvarado and Rodriguez. DaniVens also does catering. Commentary intends to use them for future gigs Ė check them out.

The China Olympics is giving us all a lesson in things about China like the number eight being a lucky number in China. I wonder how you say Yogi Berra in Chinese.

There are a few folks that Commentary knows that have good takes on baseball Ė the Chronís Jesus of course, Pam-In-Charge of course, My Best Friend, Austinís Ed Martin, the Former Young Gun the Anglo, and Edgar. Edgar told me yesterday that my take on Brandon Backe yesterday was too harsh. Edgar reminded me that Backe is kind of in a rehab year. OK, maybe Edgar has a point so Iíll take it Back(e) and now weíre thirteen and a half Back(e).

August 8, 2008 9:00AM

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