By Marc Campos

Barry, Barry, Barry & Local Politics & Make Bridges, Not War

First of all, Hank Aaron is a class act. His video response to his record being broken last night is the coolest. Rather than saying we wish our kids grow up to be like Hank, why not wish America’s political and business leaders were more like Hank. Hank Aaron is one of the greatest of all time.

Barry, Barry, Barry now has the record. Bud Selig doesn’t. Bob Costas doesn’t. Commentary doesn’t. Old Bud Selig just couldn’t take his hands out of his pockets long enough to figure out how to deal with the record being broken. Bob Costas needs to stop looking down his nose at the rest of us – it got personal with Costas – tsk, tsk, tsk. I know we will be debating whether or not Barry, Barry, Barry had help, but he will still have the record of all records for a while and without a freaking asterisk. By the way, who has the record for most TDs scored in the NFL and how many did he score? Who cares – get the point!

Commentary’s been getting a few responses on that internet piece that came out of Austin last week about local Harris County Dem races. A Commentary fan brought up an interesting point. How come folks in Austin are determining our fate here locally? Are our local Dem leaders involved in backroom discussions and not telling the rest of us? We already know that someone in Austin doesn’t have the guts to let us know what’s up. Are there some gutless wonders in our midst here locally, cutting deals and expecting the rest of you guys to follow, because Commentary certainly isn’t buying into the BS – just a thought.

It looks like America wants better bridges. I can go for that rather than throwing our money away on W’s War.

That guy that owns the Utah mine that collapsed needs to shut up and grab a shovel and start digging.

Senor Ed went to The Yard with me last and we had fun watching the miserable Cubbie fans agonize. Senor Ed will go with me again this evening and maybe we’ll get one of those free Hunter Pence T-Shirts. There are just 26 more opportunities to see Craig Biggio play.

August 8, 2007 9:00AM

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