By Marc Campos

Hearings, Badges, Payback, 69, Dog Days

Even the GOP reads Daily Commentary. A week or so ago I called out the GOP congressional leaders for avoiding Houston on their one sided immigration hearings. Well, they'll be here on August 16 to talk about crimes being committed by paperless folks. I'm betting they won't ask our police chief to testify.

It is kind of a coincidence that they are holding the hearings on this subject at the same time our local mean spirited morons are trying to get signatures for a city vote on making our police department to be an arm of I.C.E.. Speaking of mean spirited morons, they showed their true colors - uh, yellow - when they issued a press release yesterday with a sub-headline that said "We don't need no stinking badges!" Apparently, last week, they had asked the Houston Police Department for info regarding crimes committed by paperless folks. HPD said they don't keep stats of this nature. The morons then issued their press release. Now we all know the genesis of the "stinking badges" quote - a caricatured bandido from the film "The Treasure of Sierra Madre." Hey morons, don't get all upset when folks claim you are racist!

Speaking of the GOP, they would probably be better off if they forfeited the CD 22 race to Nicky this fall and came back with a legitimate challenger in 2008. Ya'll blew it! This is what you call high irony. The guy that masterminded the Great Congressional District Robbery of 2003 loses his seat to the Dems. When Scalia tells the GOP to take a hike, you know their doodoo stinks. Don't you love it! Payback?

Happy Birthday Rain Man! He's 69 today - wow! Are you seducing me?

The next nine days at the yard are critical. Head on out there. It's dollar hot dog day tonight, where everybody does their Kobayashi thing.

August 8, 2006, 9:00AM

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