By Marc Campos

Remember When

Commentary knows somebody that attends a church where most of the church goers are of the Anglo persuasion. A big majority of the church goers probably voted for W in '04. The church is located in an upscale neighborhood. The somebody told Commentary that the church goers are grumbling about what's happening, errr, what's not happening in Austin. Lack of leadership. A regular and two specials that produce zilch. Pay raises and pension increases before school children and public ed. The church goers weren't grumbling earlier in the year.

The somebody knows something about politics, schools, and the legislature. The somebody says that folks - like the church goers - want folks in Austin to fund schools and fund roads - period.

Also earlier in the year, back in January, a whole lot of folks were laughing at Chris Bell for even thinking about running for guv. Some might still be laughing, but not as many. Chris is officially kicking off his campaign this Sunday (August 14) on the UT campus in Austin. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd he draws and how many media folks show up. One thing is for sure, if Chris had officially kicked off his campaign back in January, there wouldn't have been much of a crowd. Things change in politics. The church goers in the upscale neighborhood aren't the only folks in Texas that are grumbling.

August 8, 2005, 9:00AM

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