By Marc Campos

Ciroless, Fine Mess, Tiger Again, Necking

I like newspaper political writers that put a Howard Cosell spin on things - telling it like it is. In today's SA Express News, the political columnist doesn't hold back when he says that a former Dem Congressman Ciro Rodriguez candidacy in the redrawn 23rd Congressional District would not be a good idea. He calls Ciro a "fading horse" - ouch. In the article, unnamed SA area Dems tell the columnist that Dems need to field a "young" Latino. How about Latina? Try convincing Ciro. Often times, unfortunately, politicians sometimes don't know when they are done, as in the case in the piece written last Friday by My PR Agent.

Meanwhile, back in CD 22, I'm still waiting for the GOP faithful to do an Oliver Hardy and tell DeLay - "that's another fine mess you've gotten me into." Anybody see a GOP campaign out there lately? Do they have forfeits in political campaigns?

Tiger Woods is on fire. He wins the British Open a couple of weeks ago, takes a break, wins the Buick Open yesterday. At age 30, becomes the youngest ever to win 50 PGA tournaments and we don't get tired watching him do it over and over and over and over. In fact, we root for him. Is he the greatest golfer of all time? Hard to argue he's not.

Yesterday, I was watching the 'Stros on TV playing the D'Backs on the road and they showed a very young couple - 'Stros fans. The young kid was nibbling on his girlfriend's ear and neck. It was very sweet and innocent, but seen by thousands in TV land. Which reminded me, if someone is going to cheat on their spouse or mate - which I don't recommend - never take them to a professional sports event that's being televised. Talk about 'splaining.

Dollar hot dogs at the yard tomorrow as the Pirates come in for three.

August 7, 2006, 9:00AM

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