By Marc Campos

Latinos vs Hispanics and a Weekend of Goodies

Here’s from an article in today’s SA Express News: “Presidential hopefuls are drawing on the expertise of San Antonio Hispanics to craft their message to Latinos, the nation's fastest-growing bloc of voters and a group that many think could prove decisive in 2008.”

Also in the article: “In past presidential races, the push for Hispanic votes has often come weeks before Election Day, with a focus on getting out the vote. But with political parties' growing awareness of Latinos' importance, in part because they represent a vast pool of new voters, campaigns are developing their positions now, even with the general election more than a year away.”

Who am I to question what is correct and proper but what are we Hispanics or Latinos? Of course Commentary prefers the “L” word. I guess there is a reason why the SA Express News editors allowed the use of both words in the same paragraph – twice. Commentary would like to know the reason or explanation.

Commentary got called out by the local Obama folks this past weekend. They say they too are doing stuff. Good for them.

Commentary is still learning from cyberspace what’s going on with politics in my hood…tsk, tsk, tsk. Some of this stuff is downright laughable.

I read someplace where Texas House Speaker Craddick doesn’t want former House Speaker Laney to have a ceremony when they unveil his bust at our State Capitol. Maybe former Speaker Laney ought to just hold on to his bust and unveil it in a few years at W’s Library. I don’t think W would mind, after all, former Speaker Laney helped W get elected. I’m sure there will be a section of the library dedicated to chumps that got punked by W and the GOP - like a bunch of Latino voters.

This is the final week here for The Young Political Consultant That….. She and I have a tradition of going to vote early together. We’ve been voting like that for years. We usually go to one of the smaller location where we don’t have to wait in line – like in the hood. I’m going to miss that. Maybe I’ll call her so we can still continue with the tradition.

There are some things in life you just don’t do – like call out Tiger Woods right before you play a round of golf with him. Rory Sabbatini did just that and got mauled yesterday. I mean he just crumbled in front of a national TV audience. Maybe this fella will now shut up.

Hey, thanks to Pam-In-Charge, Commentary and Dante have genuine authentic Mickey Carroll autographed photos. Who’s Mickey Carroll? He’s one of those fellas that were in Commentary’s third favorite movie of all time – “The Wizard of Oz.” He was a Munchkin – what else. He’s the one that is carrying a fiddle as they escort Dorothy out of Munchkinland down the – what else – yellow brick road. Pam-In-Charge ran into him over the weekend. He’s a big baseball fan.

“I can’t wait to have Mexican food” said former 'Stro Morgan Ensberg as he left H-Town for San Diego. Ensberg who is being paid over $4 mil and is batting .234 guess never made it to Merida, Ninfa’s, Irma’s, or Irma’s SW all pretty good places just down the street from The Yard.

I’m not going to say anything about the decision to intentionally put the winning run on base Saturday night in the 12th inning. Never mind, yes I am. They intentionally walked Miguel Cabrera with two outs and he ends up scoring the winning run. In that situation you may end up walking Albert Pujols or Barry, Barry, Barry – you don’t walk Cabrera – period. The Cubs and a bunch of their miserable fans will invade The Yard for the next three games – arrrgh! Get on out there and check out B-G-O!

August 6, 2007 9:00AM

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