By Marc Campos

The Emergency Men

TS Edouard and Hurricane Dolly thrust mere mortals like Guv Dude, H-Town’s Mayor, and the new GOP Harris County Judge into folks we kind of have to trust. We don’t have a choice but to listen carefully to what they have to say. Do we hit the road? Do we stock up on grub? Do we go to work? Do we go outside? You get the picture.

The H-Town Mayor is the most reassuring. He just looks like he has “crisis manager” written all over him. He’s cool, steady, very believable and seems to say the right things with a storm approaching. Of course, it helps that he has Katrina/Rita under his belt so experience does matter. He even lays out those little subtleties like checking in on your neighbor or nudging employers to consider giving their folks the day off that add a touch of kindness during these times.

It is too early to put out a take on the GOP County Judge on these matters. So far he sounds like he’s just reading off the weather report and the standard list of dos and don’ts like stay dry, stay home, and stay tuned.

Listening to Guv Dude, you kind of get the picture that he wants you to head out to beach with him and confront the storm/hurricane with a six shooter.

A few weeks ago, Commentary mentioned that this offshore drilling issue might turn into something in light of the fact that we’re taking a hit at the pump. I don’t know about you but I think the GOP is scoring a few points on the issue.

When TS Allison struck H-Town in 2001 the ‘Stros were on the road. When Hurricane Rita hit in 2005, the ‘Stros were on the road. We went to the playoffs in both of those years. TS Edouard is in town and the ‘Stros are in the Windy City. Did you say omen?

We waited out a nearly three hour rain delay last night, played seven and a half innings, got a victory and now we’re twelve back. Did you say omen?

August 5, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary