By Marc Campos

Watch Out

Do you see what they are doing? Talking about DeLay and his sidekick Culberson. They are in the process of creating a wedge issue that threatens to divide the folks from the greater Houston area. Talking about immigration.

Last night, DeLay told a local GOP gathering that the Houston Police Department (HPD) should enforce federal immigration laws. Out of his piehole - "If you pick up 50 or 100 of them (immigrants without all their papers), you can call the National Guard. Put them in tents." Great idea. Meanwhile, Culberson has introduced a measure that would allow states to create citizen militias to patrol the borders.

Next step, raiding schools and clinics, rounding up children.

Watch out folks. Local leadership needs to tell DeLayberson that we don't need this type of debate in the Houston area. One of the great things about living in this part of Texas and the USA is that we pretty much all get along. Yeah, we got some folks here from other parts of the world that don't exactly have all of their papers, but we deal with it. Outlandish statements and proposals from folks like DeLayberson only provide fuel for potential hysteria.

If DeLayberson is successful and we become a divided community, blame leadership - political, business and civic - for not standing up to this mean spirited effort.

August 5, 2005, 9:00AM

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