By Marc Campos

Politics and Did You Say Sweep!

In today’s Chron there is a column about Lone Star State Dems waiting for Obama to send in the cavalry. Check it out. Commentary urges fellow Dems not to hold their breath on this one as the Prez race appears to have tightened up and Obama has to direct his resources to states he can win. Of course, that doesn’t include the Lone Star State. The folks that are running the Obama campaign are about winning the White House which is A-OK with me. Lone Star State Dems need to be about finding our own resources to win locally.

Speaking of things being local, it looks like the GOP Harris County Judge is going to get a lot of free media run on account of Tropical Storm Edouard – drats! Great – he gets all this free run for telling us to buy batteries, buy bottled water, stay tuned for the latest news, stay dry, and watch out for flying trees – that’s swell.

In last week’s Chron there were stories on some neighborhoods possibly losing recycling service because not enough neighbors were participating. Why doesn’t the City of H-Town just belly up to the bar and make recycling mandatory for everyone like they do in other burgs. If we really truly want to be green, then let’s just shell out the green to make it happen – period. We’re one of the most pitiful cities in the whole U.S. of A. when it comes to recycling so why not get on board? Instead giving us an itsy bitsy half penny property tax cut, put the money into a real full fledged recycling program.

Former AG Al Gonzales is 53 today. Obama is 47 today. The Rocket is 46 today.

Happy Birthday Senator Obama!

The weekend sweep of the Mets was nice. It was great and exciting baseball. The team is looking real good right now and we’re thirteen back!

August 4, 2008 9:00AM

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