By Marc Campos

DeRailed, More Of Us, Straight Talk, Rock, Another Year

Aw shucks! We have DeLay to kick around for 96 more days. You gotta love it! All the former CD 22 wannabees now have to put their campaign gear in storage. Looks like their only option is to spend a ton of money saying not so nice things about Nicky and asking the more reasonable GOPers (an oxymoron?) to hold their noses and vote for DeLay. I sure would hate to be the GOP strategists/consultants that are assigned to figure out a strategy on this one.

The Census Bureau now says that Harris County in 2005 was 37.3% Latino. In 2005, blue eyes had 38.4% of the total county population. No wonder the far righties want to get rid of us. They know how we would vote, if we voted. Meanwhile, the Dems continue to ignore this staggering stat. What else is new?

I'm sure you read the Chron column today penned by My PR Agent. You know, there are a lot of issues the local Latino community has to deal with in 2006. We're nearly the largest population group with the largest student population, yet our schools are woefully under funded. We are the targets in the current immigration debate. Access to adequate health care is a major concern. So why can't we have an occasional candid and public debate on who should be our leaders, advocates and elected officials?

The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary and her beau, Jake's Owner, are going to a non-profit fundraiser where you are supposed to dress like a rock/pop star. She's going as Pink - Pink? To show you how far out of it I am, I didn't even know a Pink existed. They don't play Pink on sports talk radio. The Young Gun - The Anglo is also going. I told him to go as Taylor Hicks the latest American Idol. I've been told he has Taylorlike moves. If they had a fundraiser where you went as a pro baseball player, Commentary would go as Tony LaRussa, the manager of the Cardinals. Tony and I both wear shades to night games at the yard.

Well today marks two years Daily Commentary has been giving his takes. I want to thank Father Bill's constituency - the human race - for providing me with the wonderful material that has sustained Daily Commentary. To those that email me and say I am boring - don't log on.

August 4, 2006, 9:00AM

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